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Ulli Chladek, ceramics

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born 2.4.1946 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna
1964 - 1969 Academy for Applied Arts,
Meisterklasse Prof. Höchsmann, Diplom, Mag. art.
since 1971 currently teaching Art at the BG/BRG Neunkirchen
since 1997 at Pädag. Akademie Baden

studies in stone-sculptural-art, ceramics, prints
participator in sculpture and ceramicssymposiums in Austria,
Greece,Hungary,......; illustrations for three lyric-books,
Winner of the public contest of the City Neunkirchen
„Brunnen auf dem Holzplatz“ - built in 1991

since 1983 group and personal exhibitions and personells, e.g.:
Galerie Phönix, NÖ-Kulturforum; Karmeliterhof, St.Pölten-Stadtmuseum;
Karmeliterhof , Wr. Neustadt; ART Nürnberg 8; Galerie Neumarkt /Szbg;
Galerie im Arkadenhof, Rust/ Burgenland; Galerie Haslinger, Wien;
Tropea, Italien;Galerie Stiergraben, Neunkirchen;CA Neunkirchen;
WIFI Neunkirchen; Galerie Trofer, Bad Fischau;

The main part of my sculptural work consists of a kind of dialogue between the material (clay or stone) and myself. The form should be a result of an „agreement“. From the beginning of my work I've prefered organic forms which have developed more and more into human bodies. Experiments with other material such as metal, paper and plastics complete my work.